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DrapeauDrapeau de la Bosnie-Herzégovine
Réception: Résidence "OASIS"
D.627  "Ile de la Corrège" Village Naturiste. FR-11370 Leucate

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En "Oasis Beach" is a Naturist Tourism Village
This naturist residence was built on the island of Correge
This resort is part of the Naturist Village Leucate (45 Acres)
Oasis Residence is located between the "Aphrodite" & "House-de-la-Jetée"
This holiday village pedestrian access directly to the Mediterranean Sea
The beach was ranked first in the Top 10 world naturist beaches in 2014
Oasis village has about 320 apartments, studios and villas
2 pools, 1 tennis court, 1 restaurant.
Hotellerie, Accommodation: 350 apartments , with kitchen & shower room.
Place: coast, direct access to the beach, direct access to a natural reserve, flat, shady, 5 hectares, 5 m altitude, reservation required.
Facilities: Naturist beach lifeguard, beach shower, 2 swimming pool, private parking.
• Services:
- Residence Oasis: Restaurants, Pizza, Snacks, Glacier, bars, takeaways.